Interviews, Books, and Testimonials Offer Investment Insight

conducting investment research

As private investors, we do not have access to the insightful information that institutional investors do. So, when we look for new investments to add to our investment portfolio, we must conduct our own research to make good, educated investing decisions. For myself, this includes watching interviews, reading published books and memoirs, as well as perusing investor testimonials and reviews.

Taking the time to watch or read an interview done with a world renown investor, like Warren Buffet for example, can deliver valuable insight, that was collected from years of investing experience. I am in favor of interviews because of the freedom each participant has to engage in a deep, detailed conversation. This intimate environment makes the exchange of information easier to communicate and easier to receive; thus, much more valuable.

The trouble I see with interviews is that they are short, often only a few minutes. Thus, there is not always a great deal to process and apply to your investment portfolio. On the other hand, published books and memoirs offer several chapters of first-hand accounts and experiences. These valuable resources can be used to learn and apply tried and proven strategies for successful investing. This is because they are offered as a personal perspective and interpretation.

Reading an investor’s review can provide more detailed information about a specific investment opportunity. In most instances, the information found in communities, forums, and blog comments is shared by people with different motives. Therefore the “lessons learned” should be subject to intense scrutiny. To be valuable, it is important that the moderator allow the audience’s comments to encourage constructive debate and not mislead visitors with fake news or a fake review.

Every investor will have their own approach to researching investment opportunities and building their investment portfolio. The resources I recommended have given me the confidence I needed to make intelligent investing decisions. I invite you to include parts of my research strategy into parts of your own.

Author: Riley Davies

After years of disappointment with investing in stock and bond markets, I have turned my attention to alternative investments and business opportunities.

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