Container Investments Deliver Stability, Consistent Returns

shipping containers at port

Since the Global Financial Crisis, shipping containers have become one of the world’s leading hard asset investments. Although investing in gold has been the most popular for centuries, the volatility and uncertainty in the last few years make it a risky investment. For investors who don’t have the stomach for the ups and downs of gold, stocks, and bonds, shipping container investing has proven it can deliver consistent returns regardless of the performance of traditional markets.

As with any asset, shipping containers’ value is determined by demand. When there is a rise in demand for gold, the value rises. Because of their important role in world trade, shipping containers have experienced an increase in demand year-on-year, equal or greater than the rate of global economic growth. Thanks to the steady, worldwide demand for shipping containers, they are a great way for investors to preserve their investment capital and earn regular returns to supplement their income.

The lifespan of a cargo container is in excess of ten years. This provides more than a decade of investment income and security for an investor with a long-term investing strategy. Although it is true that gold has an infinite lifetime, the value of the precious metal is subject to regular change, as well as losses from inflation and the rising costs of living. This means that the money you invest in gold is not likely to have the same value when your investment comes to an end.

Making an investment in gold is sometimes difficult for private investors. Many are unsure how or whether to purchase gold coins, bars, or jewellery. On the other hand, shipping container investments are easily available from brokerage firms like Davenport Laroche, who specialize in maritime assets. With their help, investors can purchase and deploy their container fleet, and begin generating investment revenue immediately.

One of the things investors like most about containers over gold, is the stability they provide to a portfolio. When the price of stocks and gold fluctuated in the past, shipping containers have proven they can maintain their performance and continue to provide better investment returns.

Author: Riley Davies

After years of disappointment with investing in stock and bond markets, I have turned my attention to alternative investments and business opportunities.

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